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The Golden Pattern for Handling Touch Input

If you’re writing JavaScript handlers for touchscreen input, don’t forget other users too.

In my opinion, this is the golden pattern today:

if ('onpointerdown' in window) {
// Bind to Pointer Events: `pointerdown`, `pointerup`, etc
else {
// Bind to mouse events: `mousedown`, `mouseup`, etc

if ('ontouchstart' in window) {
// Bind to Touch Events: `touchstart`, `touchend`, etc
// Bind to keyboard events: `keydown`, `keyup`, etc
// Bind to `click` events

Some notes:

I did miss something out: IE 10 uses ms- prefixes for pointer events, so you should check this beforehand:

var pointerPrefix = 'onmspointerdown' in window ? 'ms' : '';

if ('on' + pointerPrefix + 'pointerdown' in window) {
var pointerdown = pointerPrefix + 'pointerdown';
// etc

Browser support: