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The Golden Pattern for Handling Touch Input

If you’re writing JavaScript handlers for touchscreen input, don’t forget other users too. In my opinion, this is the golden pattern today: Some notes: * Pointer Events cover both touch and mouse input (and styli and motion tracking and anything else which can ‘point’) simultaneously...

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“Mobile” Is Meaningless

I’m finding the use of the word “mobile” less and less helpful within web circles. The word “mobile” is an adjective. But it’s increasingly being used as a noun. Every day I hear phrases like, “Tables suck on mobile,” or “When dealing with mobile...

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Don’t Squash Me: Using min-width on Fluid Images

It‘s pretty common to set max-width: 100% on images in fluid layouts, so that they adapt to fit their container: When given room to breathe, it'll take up as much space as it needs: An example image in a wide container (source) And when restricted to a smaller container (e.g...

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Progressive Enhancement != "No JavaScript"

So Nicholas Zakas recently gave this presentation, explaining why he thinks we rely too heavily on JavaScript nowadays. Jake Archibald followed up with this article, giving more reasons why relying on JS can be bad...

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Using WebP with Modernizr

WebP is a new image format from the clever people over at Google. The lossy variant is 25-34% smaller than JPEG, while the lossless variant is typically 26% smaller than PNG. It's already supported in Chrome and Opera (both desktop and mobile)...

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Client-Side vs Server-Side Detection for WebP

At time of writing, the highly efficient WebP image format is only supported by Chrome and Opera. The chances are you still want users of other browsers to see your images, so you'll need to detect support and provide a fallback for those lacking...

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You Can't Detect A Touchscreen

Whatever you may think, it currently isn't possible to reliably detect whether or not the current device has a touchscreen, from within the browser. And it may be a long time before you can. Let me explain why.....

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A UX For Developers

I wrote an article for The Nitty Gritty (TNG), a blog founded by Hans Christian Reinl and Kahlil Lechelt to present interesting thoughts and ideas about web technology. I met Kahlil in Texas when I was out there earlier this year...

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The Good & Bad of Level 4 Media Queries

This article discusses a bleeding edge browser feature in a state of flux, with pretty much non-existent browser support — beware! CSS3 introduced media queries: the ability to make styling decisions based on features of the media a web page is being served on...

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